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O que é a GreenChem?

Quem somos nós?


A GreenChem é um dos maiores produtores e distribuidores de ARLA 32 na Europa.  Parte da AGROFERT Holding, uma grande empresa privada da República Checa que emprega mais de 34.000 pessoas distribuídas em sete unidades de negócios.

  • Setor químico
  • Produção de alimentos
  • Produção agrícola e primária
  • Máquinas, logística e tecnologias para o solo
  • Setor florestal e madeireiro
  • Combustível e fontes de energia renováveis
  • Mídia


A divisão de produtos químicos, que representa quase 35% do negócio, inclui também duas grandes empresas de produção de ureia que fornecem a matéria-prima do ARLA 32 à GreenChem.

A GreenChem produz ARLA 32 localmente em mais de 20 instalações de produção na Europa e no Brasil. Isso permite que a empresa disponha de ativos bem flexíveis e confiáveis para a produção de ARLA 32.


Flexível: porque se a demanda da ARLA 32 subitamente aumentar, nossas unidades de produção podem facilmente aumentar sua capacidade simplesmente duplicando os turnos.

 Confiável: porque se uma instalação de produção falhar, a GreenChem pode facilmente passar para outra e manter as entregas de ARLA 32 combinadas.

A GreenChem tem outro compromisso principal: nós entregamos uma solução completa de ARLA 32. O cliente espera de nós um produto de alta qualidade, mas também o equipamento para abastecer o veículo com ARLA 32. Nós selecionamos e testamos os sistemas de abastecimento, bombas e embalagens de ARLA 32 para nossos clientes, para que você possa abastecer sua máquina com ARLA 32 de forma segura e eficiente.

Um desses produtos é o sistema de abastecimento de ARLA 32 a granel, incluindo um contrato com tudo incluso. Nossos clientes contratam a GreenChem para fornecimento de ARLA 32. Em troca, os clientes pagam um preço acordado por litro fornecido e a GreenChem fornece:

  • Um sistema de abastecimento profissional de ARLA 32
  • Serviços de manutenção e reparos
  • Telemetria, que fornece comunicação máquina a máquina com o software central de logística da GreenChem e assegura abastecimento contínuo.
  • Entrega segura de ARLA 32 através dos caminhões dedicados da GreenChem para transporte a granel.
  • E, claro, a alta qualidade do ARLA 32 em conformidade com a ISO 22241-1


Em 2016, a GreenChem já tinha mais de 5000 sistemas contratados em toda a Europa e isso está crescendo a cada dia. Considerando todos os outros produtos associados, são inúmeros os clientes que contam com o ARLA 32 da GreenChem diariamente.


GreenChem: Juntos, vamos tornar o meio ambiente mais limpo!

Encontre nossos distribuidores

Transport and Lifting Services Ltd

Nairobi at T&L Centre,
04 Bandari Road
Industrial Area Nairobi




Kreuzmayr GmbH

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 1
4070 Eferding

Tel.: +43 7272 68 47
Fax: +43 7272 58 04


Für Sie erreichbar von Mo-Fr. 7:00 Uhr bis 17 Uhr

GreenChem CZ s.r.o.

Pyšelská 2327/2,
Chodov, 149 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic

Landline: 00420 272 192 125

Mobile: 00420 774 232 583


Drezzia Corporation Ltd.
Eiji Kimura

#206, 5-24-30, Kugayama, Suginami-ku,
Tokyo 168-0082, Japan
(Tel) + 81 – 3 – 5941 – 5084
(Fax) + 81 – 3 – 5941 – 5085

Drezzia Corporation Ltd. was founded in 1997 to import and sell chemical products,  cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials from all of the world. We have since developed successfully as a flexible company combining the function of trading company specialized in chemicals business and that of a company dedicated to import, research and  sales of high quality “UREA” for “AdBlue® “ use. As a member of GreenChem Holding B.V. group, we take advantage of the professionalism and extensive information at the disposal of the group in appropriately addressing our customer’s needs and requests in performing our problem solving function. Drezzia’s vision is to enhance the safety, comfort, and convenience of people’s lives worldwide, by supplying essential chemicals. To fulfill our aspirations, we continue to add new dimensions to the way we serve our diverse customers, to broaden our expertise and reach as a pioneering trading house specializing in chemicals, as we ceaselessly work to apply our expertise for the benefit of people around the world.



Somesh Sabhani
IN Centre, 49/50, 12th Road
M.I.D.C. Andheri (East),
Mumbai – 400 093
+91-22-6648 7777
+91-22-2824 8232

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited is one of the leading private sector players in the lubricants business in India with anual turnover of more than € 130 millions. Gulf Oil in association with GreenChem bring AdBlue4You to India for Euro IV/Bharat Stage IV and above category of vehicles. Gulf AdBlue4You is manufactured in Gulf Oil’s manufacturing facility at Silvassa as per ISO22241.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Gulf Oil has more than 30 Depots supporting a huge interconnected network of distributors and retailers spanning the country. In-house global R&D Laboratory and a dedicated team to guarantee continuous availability of the product and prompt after-sales support. For more details log on to:

P.O BOX 74093-00200
+254 20 6554 822
+254721 554 822, +254729 153 547, +254729153549

Transport & Lifting Services Ltd is a limited company incorporated within the laws of Kenya

Our core business is sales of commercial motor vehicles and related products.

Our products and Services range is as follows;

  • Distributorship for Greenchem Adblue
  • Dealers in Used commercial vehicles
  • Dealers in New commercial vehicles
  • Manufacture and sales for Trailers
  • Tyre sales
  • Vehicle and Asset tracking under Spot Tracking

Gintaras Kazlauskas
S. Žukausko street 13
Ramučiai, Kaunas region
+370 616 55722
+370 37 797559

UAB GREENCHEM BALTIC, yra įgaliotas GREENCHEM B.V. atstovas Baltijos šalyse, turintis didelę patirtį AdBlue® rinkoje Lietuvoje ir Pabaltijo valstybėse. UAB GREENCHEM BALTIC tiekia AdBlue® produktą bei išpilstymo įrangą, skirtą šiam skysčiui. AdBlue® produktas bei išpilstymo įranga dedikuota klientui, savo parke turinčiam transporto priemonių su SCR technologija. UAB GREENCHEM BALTIC tiekiamas AdBlue® bei išpilstymo įranga pagaminti pagal pačius pažangiausius technikos metodus: nepriekaištinga gamyba ir griežta kokybės kontrolė atitinka aukščiausius standartus. Mūsų tikslas orientuotas į glaudų, profesionalų, aukšto lygio bendradarbiavimą siekiant abipusės gerovės. UAB GREENCHEM BALTIC bendradarbiaujant su GREENCHEM B.V. koncernu, turime galimybę šiandien pasiūlyti labai platų produktų bei profesionalių paslaugų asortimentą.

  • Griežčiausius kokybės standartus  (DIN 70 070, ISO 22241-1) atitinkantį AdBlue® skystį;
  • Įvairią tarą produkto tiekimui: 20 ltr plastikinius bakelius, 1000 ltr talpos IBC konteinerius;
  • AdBlue® skysčio pristatymus dideliais kiekiais – specializuotomis autosisternomis;
  • Išpilstymo įrangą, skirtą AdBlue® skysčiui;
  • Išpilstymo įrangos priežiūrą, techninį aptarnavimą bei remontą;
  • Jūsų darbuotojų apmokymus naudotis išpilstymo įranga;
  • Pagalbą, ieškant Jums patogiausio AdBlue® sprendimo.

Prista Oil Holding
20 Zlaten Rog St
Sofia 1407, Bulgaria
+359 2 9620110
+359 2 8689476


Prista Oil Group is a holding company whose area of ​​work covers the following two areas:

  • Production and distribution of motor and industrial oils, greases and special fluids- activities developed entirely by Prista Oil Holding and its international affiliates.
  • Battery business – through the structure of Monbat (one of bluchips of Sofia Stock Exchange)

Prista Oil Holding is one of the leading Bulgarian companies, operating in more than 40 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

Production capacities of Prista Oil are built and developed according to the most modern and innovative technologies. The wide product range is a result  coming from the combination of Company‘s own research and excellent cooperation with the world leaders in the oil and chemical industry, such as Chevron, Gulf Oil Marine, Lubrizol and others.

Prista Oil has its own factories in Bulgaria, Turkey and Uzbekistan where the Company produces lubricants, greases and special fluids.

Our mission: to the sustainable growth of your business we offer

  • tailor-made technical solutions
  • lubrication expertise
  • application-related services
  • wide portfolio of lubricants, greases and special fluids
  • competitive commercial conditions
  • local support and regional availability
  • advanced control systems for environment protection
GreenChem Solutions S.L.
c/Lepant 264, 3r F


Tel.: +34 (0)93 417 82 17
Fax: +34(0)93 212 37 33
GreenChem SK s.r.o.
Nobelova 34


Tel.: +42 12 4951 2765
Fax: +42 12 4951 2745

GreenChem Poland Sp. z o.o. w likwidacji

Ul. Różana 4/3
61-577 POZNAŃ


Tel.: +48 (0)618 48 1634
Fax: +48 (0)618 48 1735
GreenChem B.V.
Gravinnen van Nassauboulevard 95

The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)76 – 581 27 27
GreenChem Solutions Srl.
Strada Provinciale 336 (S.S.87) Km 20,600
81025 Marcianise CE


Tel.: +39 0823 581082
GreenChem Hungary Kft.,
Puskás Tivadar utca 4/a


Tel.: +36 30 789 4105
GreenChem Solutions do Brasil Comércio de produtos Químicos Ltda.
Rua Lauro Linhares, 2055
Sala 403 – Bloco Max
Bairro Trindade – FlorianópolisSC
CEP 88036-003


Tel.: +55 (48) 3012-2116
GreenChem BENELUX 
Gravinnen van Nassauboulevard 95
The Netherland
Tel.: +31 (0)76 581 27 27
Fax: +31 (0)76 581 27 27
GreenChem France S.A.S
87 avenue du Mistral
Zone Athélia IV

13600 La Ciotat


Tel.: +33 (0)4 96 18 57 90
GreenChem Holding B.V.
Gravinnen van Nassauboulevard 95

The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)76 – 581 27 27
GreenChem Solutions LTD.
Suite 3 Midshires House, Midshires Business Park, Smeaton Close

HP19 8HL

United Kingdom

+44 (0)129 667 8548
+44 (0)129 676 9692

Promos Inženiring d.o.o.
Poljska pot 4
1000 Ljubljana
+386 41 666 902
+386 59 141 542

The sole purpose of the company is to supply high quality AdBlue (produced in accordance with ISO standard 22241, as required by OEMs) to end customers and local resellers. Acting as an official GreenChem distributor since 2007, Promos is the leading AdBlue supplier in the markets of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Apart from AdBlue itself, the company is also offering innovative storage and handling solutions, including AdBlue equipment from the leading European supplier.

Packages offered:

  • 5L BrainyPack
  • 10L plastic can with spout
  • 205L plastic drum
  • 1000L IBC
  • delivery with tankers (multi-drop)

In the field of operational excellence, Promos has been certified with an “Excellent SME Slovenia” certificate since 2012 (issued by Coface Slovenia) and with an “AA Excellence” Credit rating since 2014 (issued by Bisnode Slovenia).

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